Love your Mum – with Flowers!

Spring is nearly here!

But first, Mother’s Day!

How about a Mothering Sunday Bring-on-Spring Flower Festival?!

Wouldn’t that be grand?

Someone should totally do it.

I don’t know about you but I’m kind of over winter now and living in spring mode already. That means bright coloured, warm, fresh everything.

And with Mothering Sunday coming up that’s a reason to celebrate too.



Mother’s Day/Mothering Sunday is a time for celebrating and honouring those wonderful women in our lives that have kept us going through thick and thin.

It’s not just for mums. It’s for people that have a mum-like spirit too. Like nans and great nans, aunts and sisters. And that friend you always go to with exciting news or with cheese and a good w(h)ine.

A lovely hand-tied bouquet of their favourite flowers can be a great way to say you notice and appreciate these special humans.

Take your pick from our selection especially for mums:

The Untamed Rose

Awesome Roses, Happy Hydrangeas, long lasting orchids, playful Snapdragons and zesty blooms

Love Like Flowers

Ivory Roses, Hydrangeas, sweetheart Spray Roses and stunning Succulents which can be planted up and kept as a forever memento

My Enchanted Heart

Gorgeous large headed Roses, tall Snapdragons, petite Spray Roses, pretty infill flowers and scented Eucalyptus

My Fair Lady

Classic Roses, Sweetheart Spray Roses, striking Snapdragons and scented Eucalyptus

My Happy Place

Blousy Roses, sweet scented Waxflower, Snapdragons and cute Craspedia spheres



If you are the lucky recipient of such a beautiful gift you’ll want them to last forever. Unfortunately, as we all know, flowers don’t last forever unless they are in the ground, dried or cryogenically frozen.

Give your cut flowers the best start and help them last longer like so:

  • Remove the packaging which has protected them on their journey
  • Choose a vase and wash it thoroughly with soapy water
  • Add cold water and the flower food sachet to the vase
  • Remove any excess leaves sitting below the waterline. The leaves also draw waterand nutrients so it is best to remove only the ones that don’t enhance your arrangement as well as the ones that will be under the water as they’ll make the water go murky faster
  • Hand-tied Bouquets – don’t cut the string that holds your bouquet together. Your flowers have been designed and styled for you so keep this on
  • Snip 2cm off the end of all the stems with scissors. Try and cut at an angle. This increases the surface area for your flowers to drink from
  • Hand-tied Bouquets – Pop it straight into the vase as is
  • Letterbox Flowers – Place your foliage into the vase first to make a bed that you can then nestle the flowers into
  • Check every day if the water needs topping up
  • Keep them away from sources of heat, direct light, cold draughts and fruit
  • Remove any deteriorating blooms as soon as you notice them


And of course, all the while, be sure to smile at your blooms and remember the lovely human they came from.